October 05, 2005

I Hear EA Kills Babies Too

What happens when all the competition goes away? This happens. Madden '06 on the PSP is evidently kind of quirky, in that there's a quirk that shuts the entire game system down. Apparently they've released several "fixes" that don't so much, you know, fix anything, the latest being the "final and official" fix.

This problem has been known about online for at least a couple weeks already, and if you don't think EA and Sony have known about it a lot longer you're crazy. Think they've stopped selling the game at retail or at least warned potential customers that the game they're going to spend $50 on doesn't exactly work?

Tycho makes a good point that, though every console maker certifies the games that get released, if you're Sony and you've got a handheld system that hasn't exactly caught on and a behemoth like EA wants to release a faulty game on your system, you might argue less than hard for some QA.

"A green and yellow basket / Sent a letter to my baby / On my way I past it"

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