October 18, 2005

Finally, Some Politics

Unfortunately, I'm in class and tired, so you're not going to get much out of me in terms of commentary. Fortunately this isn't something that requires much out of me because it's so damn great. I hadn't been familiar with The Poor Man's Institute before this, but it's going in my bookmarks now for sure because this sort of snark will not be denied!

Hat tip over to Atrios.

Edit: More links instead of more posts...

First, Jack Cafferty is quickly turning into my hero. Orange jumpsuits indeed!

Second, since we're already at Crooks & Liars, here's a great quote from Newt about the state of the Republican party:

I think we're at the biggest crossroads as a party we've been at since Ronald Reagan was nominated in 1980, and I think the party has to change fairly dramatically...

Rush disagrees, but even though I'm not fond of him I'd say Newt is roughly ten times smarter than Rush.

Three! Ezra always finds/creates the best healthcare stuff, and destroying the myth of "Canadians invading the US healthcare system because their's sucks" is right up there too.

Finally, Bush's approval numbers break into the 30s. Wow, even if we were all a little burned by polling in the election, that's a pretty impressively crappy number.

"Well time and tears went by and I collected dust / For there were many things I didn't know / When daddy went away, he said, try to be a man / And someday you'll understand"

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CCR, "Someday Never Comes"