October 24, 2005

So, When Do I Get Paid?

A fun link from Pandagon. A little growth and I can retire baby, or at least, buy a car. Here, I'll even do some work for you:

1. Headpiece for the Staff of Ra - $4,516.42
2. Terminus - $9,597.18
3. Orcinus - $469,697.28
4. Little Green Footballs - $0 (Ah hahahahaha! I know it's just a glitch in the software, but still)
5. Daily Kos - $5,689,434.12
6. Eschaton - $2,118,154.08
7. Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - $79,035.60 (Booooo!)

And just for fun

8. Penny Arcade - $3,049,080.54

"No friends for playing games / No foes who scorn my name / Computerized machines of steel and rust"


Dan Brottman said...

"My House On Mars" - Ayreon

Dan Brottman said...

since my previous post isn't showing up...

"My House On Mars" - Ayreon

Noumena said...

Sometimes blogger takes an unusually long time to display comments.

I suppose we get what we pay for.