October 22, 2005

Fall in the S.B.

One of the very, very few things I don't like about the West Coast is the paucity of seasons we get to enjoy. With the exception of San Francisco, there are mostly just two, Wet and Hot, with transition periods of 5 weeks or less in September and April as it gradually becomes less hot or less wet. Since the vast majority of the trees are evergreens and oaks, I simply grew up not knowing the explosion of colours the more eastern part of the country calls Fall. Chicago got to show off a bit, but no city can compare to the spectacle more rural areas will offer. The Notre Dame campus is normally quite photogenic, and yesterday seemed to be showing off for the football-weekend visitors. Posted by Picasa


MosBen said...

Keep your stereotypes about the West Coast to yourself California boy! Eastern Washington has all four seasons and they're great! They also, uh, come with a prize! Yeah, that's it, a prize! Like Cracker Jacks, only better!

Noumena said...

Everyone knows that Eastern Washington doesn't count. It's just an appendix to the real state of Washington, which is strictly to the West of the Cascades.

MosBen said...

We have apples!