October 22, 2005

Few Links For Yas

A Spartan soldier from Halo is going to be an unlockable character in the Xbox 360 fighting game Dead Or Alive 4. It's worth point out that though the most commonly known Spartan soldier is the Master Chief, this isn't him. The nerds on the internet have determined that this is a female Spartan, based on the armor. This is all explained in the Halo novels (yes, there are several Halo novels), but supposedly there are many more Spartans than the Master Chief. Anyway, these shots are pretty cool looking.

Xbox 360 kiosks have been popping up in store across the country lately, mainly to Walmarts, though apparantly some of them are being improperly hooked up.

Here are some shots of the next-gen Sonic game. These aren't super impressive, but some other shots I posted a while ago looked pretty cool.

Hmmm, might update with lyrics later...

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