October 10, 2005

Well, I'm finally posting the results from September's competition for Staff of Ra Points. Drew, of course, destroyed all the competition. It wasn't even close. Like Napoleon in his wet dreams, Drew road over the countryside smacking away the paltry attempts to defeat him launched by his competitors. His strategy was a complex one: Post a bunch and I'll get lots of points. I'm not sure if this bold strategy can be replicated, but I hope some of you might try. Another key aspect of Drew's crushing and demoralizing victory was participating in the several contests offered during the competition which held large awards for participation/victory.

When our reporters caught up with Drew to discuss his victory, the great warrior had little to say, as he was busy trying to win again in October, but we did get this out of him,

"True glory requires more than jsut victory. A warrior must defeat his opponents so decisively that they feel shame for daring to even compete. I have achieved that glory. In recognition of my greatness and dominance, henceforth, I shall be known as Grumlock the Destroyer."

Fare thee well noble Mr. the Destroyer. Your victory is a glory for all to behold.

Here is the final tabulation of scores:
1. Drew - 293
2. Jay - 145
3. Jamie - 125
4. Andy - 90
5. Manda/Joy - 72
6. Rob - 35
7. Casey - 30
8. Dan Brottman - 20
9. The Annonymous Poster - 10
10. Jesse D - 5

"I looked out this morning and the sun was gone / Turned on some music to start my day / I lost myself in a familiar song / I closed my eyes and I slipped away"Posted by Picasa


Dan Brottman said...

"More Than A Feeling" - Boston

Grumlock the Destroyer said...

Dan Brottman.... yes, another fool ready and waiting to fall to the irrestible power of Grumlock. Yes, Brottman, take your platry points for identifying this puny song. It will not e enough to save you, or your family, from my terrible wrath!!

Dan Brottman said...

Do what you will "Destroyer", I still have incriminating photos of you laying a wet one on John Madden. You best reco'nize before you bring them weak-ass threats.

Grumlock the Destroyer said...

Gah! I will not tolerate this insolence!