October 06, 2005

City of Villains pricing announced

The pricing scheme for the sequel/expansion to City of Heroes, City of Villains, has been hotly anticipated among the CoH community for three months now. CoV will run on the same servers as CoH, and the games will share four player-versus-player areas (at launch; no doubt more to come later if PvP proves to be popular). It's expected that most players will want to be involved in both games, with hero and villain characters on the same servers. There were concerns that business interests would require players to pay a separate subscription fee of around $15 a month for each game.

Well, we got some good news this morning. The current rate of $15/month will cover both games -- for players who already have CoH, CoV will effectively function as an expansion pack, with a single login and a single interface for managing all of one's heroes and villains. Also, it appears the one month gratis that comes with CoV can be used by CoH subscribers, effectively giving current subscribers something like a 30% rebate on purchasing CoV.

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