October 24, 2005

Ra Points Update

With just one week left in the month of October (boy, did it seem like this month flew by to anyone else?) I though I'd let everyone know the standings as of 1:34pm on 10/24.

Dan Brottman - 65
Drew - 55
Joy - 35
Jay - 30
Andy - 15
Meghan - 15
Jenna - 10
Ok.nowwhat - 10
Sarah - 10
Jamie - 10

It might look pretty spread out, but between commenting, sending me cool links, and participating in contests, everyone still has the potential to take the lead and win your very own post dedicated to your crushing victory over all competitors.

"If she runs, let her run, run, run / Just hope she comes back"


sarah said...

Transatlantic - Suite Charlotte Pike (section 1)

Joy said...

Moving up in the world of Ra Points. Soon, I shall be able to die happy...or, you know, just be glad I have Ra Points. As a funsy side note, http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/
That's what I've been working on for one of my classes. I think there's a free test, take a gander.

pfoueou - French for that pouffy thing that comes in the box of cosmetic powder.