October 25, 2005

Funny Google Hits

It's time again for me to get completely uncreative in my posting and just type up the most interesting things that bring people to the old site o' love. Of course, by typing them here I will bring further people here that are searching for those terms, but I can think of worse, and smuttier, ways to draw traffic to the site.

1. Several searches for the xz.bat fix that I posted, which I find very gratifying. Nice to know I'm (hopefully) helping people out.

2. Funny Misleading Graphs. Fortunately, I'm fairly confident that we're not making any of these graphs.

3. How to make fantasy headpiece. I'm pretty sure I didn't help these people out at all

4. Shiving definition. Because when I'm being stabbed with a toothbrush in the shower the thing I most want to know is that it conforms to the standard definition.

"Kano! / Liu Kang! / Raiden! / Johnny Cage! / Scorpion! / Sub-Zero! / Sonya!"


Dan Brottman said...

Mortal Kombat

jamie said...

No shit it's Mortal Kombat. I assume that it is part of a song though, since that's what it always is and I know that The Immortals did the techno Mortal Kombat: The Album, but I have no idea how to find the lyrics to individual songs on that album.

And honestly, isn't shiving the most awesome word you have ever seen. Could somebody please give me the origin of the word shiving?

And then use it in a sentence?

Dan Brottman said...

I've always thought that shiv was merely a noun, and that "shanking" was the way by which one employed a shiv.

Wikipedia provides some guidance, make of it what you will.