October 09, 2005

Sunday Random 10

I've had a busy couple of days with personal stuff, but I thought a late Random 10 was better than no Random 10 at all. Whatever, it's not like you guys ever post your own Random 10s! Maybe you should is all I'm saying...

You all know the drill (or do you?). Load up your collection of MP3s in any program or device with a random or shuffle funtion built in. Set it to random/shuffle and then post the first ten songs that randomly come up. The only rule is that you don't alter your randomly selected songs, especially as a means of making the list cooler.

Song - Artist

1. Calm Like A Bomb - Rage Against The Machine
2. The Trees - Rush
3. The Gypsy - Spock's Beard
4. Bad Seed - Metallica
5. Masquerade/Why So Silent - Andrew Lloyd Webber
6. Drop A Jewel - Freddie Foxxx
7. The Alchemist - Bruce Dickenson
8. Jungle Love - Steve Miller Band
9. Taking Control - Tiles
10. Goodbye To Yesterday - Spock's Beard

Overall I'd say it's a decent Random 10. It starts off really well, then goes into lame town with the Phantom of the Opera bit. Yeah, I like the soundtrack. It's a private shame, though now I guess slightly more public. I've never heard #6, which is one of the benefits of having way too many mp3s. I'd probably rate my list a 6 or 7 out of 10. Why not rate your own lists? Might be fun!

"Been downhearted baby / Ever since the day we me / Our love is nothin' but the blues"


Joy said...

Blues Brothers "How Blue Can You Get" Also see Allman Brothers/BB King.

Jason said...

Don't forget about the Primitive Radio Gods song where they sampled the original BB King version, it is a cool song.