March 10, 2006

Cybering For Real?

Cyber sex has long been the seedy underbelly of any number of online software. From chat programs to online games people have found a way to bring sex into places where it wasn't necessarily planned to be. Enter "Spend The Night" where I'm sure we can all surmise that sex was featured prominently on the whiteboard during planning stages for the game. Though I find the concept of online adult games generally intriguing, the part that really caught my eye was that bit right at the end there where they discuss homosexuality in the game. They confirm that it will be there, but they are not sure how they're going to handle it just yet. One idea that they float is that there may be a separate area in the world for that sort of activity. While I'm glad they're thinking about sexual politics enough to have homosexuality as an option, I'm not sure if digital gay cages are exactly a win.

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