March 11, 2006

gendergeek: Raping the Slayer

An interesting feminist analysis of rape in Buffy:

Even if we don’t indict Buffy for not being sufficiently hip to feminist discourse around representations of rape, we can challenge it for keeping its female characters so unaware of the sexually violence world in which they operate. While we see Willow half-crazy with grief and anger in 1.12 “Prophecy Girl” becuase the Master’s gang have violated the sanctity of Sunnydale High, we see no reaction whatsoever to any of the threats to their own physical autonomy. Indeed, while the women of Buffy acculumate knowledge about monstors and demons, the incidents of sexualised violence perpetrated against them evoke no similar understanding of gendered violence.

Via a guest blogger at Alas, who also has some interesting things to say.

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