March 08, 2006

You Tube Blog Dump

Well, I heard about a video on You Tube which leads us all to another You Tube Blog Dump. Enjoy!

First, for those of us that have played a Final Fantasy game or two, you'll appreciate this.

Yes, Andy Samberg and crew work for SNL now, and that means comedic raps. Is comedic rock played out because it's been around forever? Certainly not, and there's plenty to like in this latest work from The Dudes, which features Natalie Portman.

Taken from the same episode of SNL, here's a Jamba Juice sketch. It has it's ups and downs, but it ends with a nice long bit where the cast almost loses it, and I for one always enjoy that.

Here's a live action version of the opening of The Simpsons.

Finally, a guy doing something really stupid. Always entertaining.

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