March 31, 2006

The Resurected Friday Random Ten

You know how we do, play some of your mp3s but set the player to random. Write up the first ten songs that come up in the comments so we all can see them, and don't go editing the list so that you won't be embarrassed by that Ace of Base (Bass?) song you've got there. We all have our own guilty pleasures.

(Song - Artist)
1. Up In The Sky - Joe Satriani
2. Angel of Music - The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack (I know, I know...sigh)
3. Guardian Angel - Mullmuzzler
4. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
5. Makeshift Patriot - Sage Francis
6. China Grove - The Doobie Brothers
7. A Pleasant Shade of Grey XII - Fates Warning
8. Dry Bones - Odd Jobs
9. I'm Alive - Electric Light Orchestra
10. The Trees - Rush

What a twist, er, mix! Real grab bag there, with no real theme emerging. Truth be told, the songs on the list that I really love are somewhat sparse, but there's nothing that I don't at least like. Yeah, I know the implications of that, and it shames me.

While we're on the subject of music, everyone should check out Pandora. Here's how it works, you enter a song or artist that you really love and it creates a database of songs and artists that are like the song or artist that you gave them. As your newly created radio station plays songs you can tell them whether you liked the song or not and the program further refines the database to play songs that better match your taste. This isn't just like on Amazon, where it links you to products based on what other people that bought it also bought, it actually tries to match musical characteristics of the songs you like. I'm not entirely sure how this "Musical Genome", as they call it, works, but it's pretty interesting and I've already found several badass songs that I didn't know about before. Also, this would be an interesting to do your Random 10s if you wanted to, though it might take a little longer.


Noumena said...

The link to Pandora is broken. Working link (unless I've made some kind of mistake, too).

Also, this thing is cool. The audio quality is better than a lot of streaming music stations. And I suppose I have to post a 10 since I'm actually posting in one of these for a change ...

1) Romanesque - Patricia Barber
2) Twenty miles from Marietta - Parade soundtrack
3) Los inmigrantes - Lalo Schifrin
4) Two little girls - Ani Difranco
5) Adios Nonino - Caetano Veloso
6) Don't try this at home - Chumbawamba
7) Suite no. 6 in D+ (Courante) - Yo-yo Ma
8) Under your Spell/Standing (reprise) - Buffy, 'Once more with feeling' soundtrack
9) Le grand tango - Yo-yo Ma
10) Frankie's Testimony - Parade soundtrack

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing these:)

1)Sixteen Tons - Jonny Cash
2) Parts and Accessories - Josh Rouse
3) Tripping Billies - Dave Matthews Band
4) Contradictive - Brokedown Palace Soundtrack (sorry, don't have the artist on hand)
5) Train Search - Stand Alone Complex Soundtrack, no artist listed
6) Smile - Olive
7) Ain't Never Learned - Moby
8) She's Becoming Gold - Marc Cohn
9) Lady Madonna - Love Psychedelico
10) Ways and Means - Mike Doughty

MosBen said...

Oh anonymous, who are you?!

And yeah, I've been playing with Pandora off and on all day, adding in groups and songs that I like to the several stations I've created. Honestly, more than Itunes, more that podcasts, more than anything else I can see this tempting me to actually buy music from time to time.

LameAim said...

1. Alias - Watching Water
2. MF Doom - Who You Think I Am?
3. Non-Prophets - Damage
4. Deep Puddle Dynamics - June 26th, 1998
5. Tool - Intolerance
6. Atmosphere - Hell's Playground
7. The White Stripes - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
8. J-Live - All Of The Above
9. D-Styles - Terror In Dub
10. Portishead - Half Day Closing

Not much diversity, but this is from iTunes on my laptop. My iPod is a truer representation of my musical taste these days.

Anonymous said...

sorry, the anonymous was me... because I'm a dork.