March 13, 2006

EC != the abortion pill


Broadsheet reader Briana Hill wrote this weekend to tell us that as she was filling out a Zogby poll, she came across a question that read, 'Do you think that the 'morning-after' abortion pill, commercially known as Plan B, should be available over the counter or should it be available only by prescription?'

My emphasis, just in case you missed it on the first pass. Mistaking Emergency Contraception for RU-486 (the pill that causes abortion) is woefully common. Friday afternoon, I was involved in a very confusing conversation due to exactly this. I was saying that EC is only known to work by prevent ovulation and fertilization, not implantation, and she was saying it causes changes in the lining of the uterus -- and this is a woman who worked at Planned Parenthood for six months!

As they move on abortion rights, anti-choicers are already making plenty of noise about the similar 'immorality' of birth control. Don't let their static mix you up. As Amanda put it,

I think that it’s just all too tempting for anti-choicers who oppose contraception in general and especially women-controlled contraception to play off the folk belief that conception happens the minute a man ejaculates.

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