March 26, 2006

Hit parade

Well, it appears we have a number of guests via Ampersand's link to my '20 questions' post below (our visit count for the day is roughly triple the usual). Welcome, everyone; we hope you leave a comment and drop by again soon.

People have also stumbled upon us via teh search engine; sadly, it appears some of them have been potential plagiarists, and anti-choice ones at that. Others, however, were just looking for candy and the theme to Outlaws, a fine old game. We hope they found what they were looking for, even though we couldn't help them. Search hits from the last 48 hours or so:

"cuban missile" thesis argument
funny milkway commercial
free papers on morally impermissible abortions
Indentured Servant philosophy student blog
ultrasound thumb sucking
Abortion: An Argument in Ethics consequentialism
lucasarts Outlaws Theme guitar tabs

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Me? I’m here because drew um, withdrew his free ice-cream...

Also, if someone could tell me of the “funny” milkway commercial-; the only one I’ve seen recently is the one with the line “you are a buffet of manliness”, a commercial so painfully unfunny that I resolve never to eat that candy bar again...