March 28, 2006

Living off $15,000 sucks

but is certainly doable, especially if you're a single person sharing a house in Indiana.

Also having to pay $200 on your tax return sucks.

And anticipating having to pay $700 (if not much, much more) in medical expenses to keep your teeth from falling out sucks a lot. Though, admittedly, not as badly as when you have to actually pay it.

Plus, in the next five weeks, I will have to have written approximately 16,000 words in philosophy papers.

You might say I'm a little stressed right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) sucks about the taxes. No fun.

2) don't know where you went to find out about needed dental work, but you might check with a dental school near you. might take longer to get the work completed, but they tend to be a bit cheaper for the same work.

3) good luck with the writing.