March 24, 2006

Esoteric philosophy musing of the day

Both Kierkegaard's 'teacher-god' in the Preface to Philosophical fragments and Nietzsche's eponymous Zarathustra are, quite deliberately, characters resembling both Socrates and Christ. While we're fairly certain (or, we know) that Nietzsche didn't read Kierkegaard, Zarathustra is almost an inversion of the teacher-god -- the same kind of inversion that Kierkegaard is using against Hegel with the teacher-god itself. Is this accidental? Or perhaps there's some historical subtlety here that could tell us interesting things about the proto-existentialists of the nineteenth century.


keith said...

Drew robbed my of one my few pleasures in life. So now I will read your blog. I am going to check it everyday.

Drew broke my heart, please provide the same nerd talk, and hate towards Bush, that I am used to getting in my daily routine.

MosBen said...

We aim to please.

Noumena said...

and maim to lease.

I'm in a weird mood ... *goes back to work*

PS The answer, according to Fred Rush, is that it's basically accidental.

MC Whitey said...

excellent. now i can read keith's typos here too.