September 27, 2004

Andy Rooney enjoys stereotypes

Atrios with his friend Carlos. Not only do I know a handful of first-time voters, my friend Megan is a newly-naturalized Italian-American voting for the first time (not counting the Missouri primary). She's lived in the US since she was 14, and doesn't even have an accent.

Are there brand-new Americans with a shaky command of English? Yes. Does that mean they're incapable of being well-informed about US politics? Has Andy Rooney checked out the half-dozen foreign language channels on his cable? Telemundo's a broadcast station in most major markets!

They're still learning English, they're not stupid.

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MosBen said...

For those with the ability you should really check out the Season 2 Episode of Da Ali G Show where, during the credits, Ali G interviews Andy Runey. He's a HUGE dickhead.