September 06, 2004

Smacking down smirking National Review assholes on Hannity and Colmes

So this particular suit was bashing Kerry on two aspects of Iraq: (1) doesn't have any more clear and feasible a plan than Bush; (2) he's changed his position on the war many times -- including today! That flip-flopper!

So I poked around on the Kerry website, and found this in about 90 seconds. Funny, I'd think that offering a clear and feasible plan for rebuilding Iraq AND our international reputation would be a positive change of position. I guess National Review assholes live in bizarro world (which would not be a surprise).

PS We finally hear this from a guest on H&C (albeit on a night Hannity has off), in response to a question as to whether or not Kerry exaggerated about Viet Namese atrocities: "No, atrocities definitely occurred." And the response meme from Hannity's replacement? Americans want to move on from Viet Nam.


MosBen said...

Haven't seen the show in a week or two, is Hannity still on this "John Kerry is a war criminal" thing?

Noumena said...

I haven't seen it since Wednesday or Thursday (Thursday they might've just shown W's speech). I don't recall specifics, because Wednesday was, like, years ago -- but his substitute and the smirking National Review asshole both went into it, until the segment with the journalists who said, yes, war crimes occurred. Hopefully if Sean tries it again we'll watch Alan go to town ... well, I can dream.

MosBen said...

You mean like, go out of town? I swear sometimes watching that show he looks like he wants to run out of the building and hide under the porch. I'm assuming here, of course, that Fox News has a porch.

Noumena said...

Indeed they do. The Porch of Freedom. No, The Ronald Reagan Memorial Freedom Porch. To memorialize all of Ronald Reagan's achievements in the field of freedom, and porches. Mostly porches.