September 24, 2004

Spitting in the wind

In response to Ann Coulter's misogynist joking around, I sent the following email to Alan Colmes just now:

Dear Alan,
Ann Coulter says lots of outrageous and stupid things on your program. You and I know this. And you can't challenge every outrageous and stupid piece of vapid conservative rhetoric that floats across your show -- while entertaining, you would most likely be fired, and replaced with an even more mild-mannered Democrat. I'll just have to live with that.

But how could you just laugh off Ann Coulter's misogynist statements -- two in the span of a few minutes! -- that women are `not that bright'? Even Sean [Hannity] pointed out that it was out of line -- he just didn't make her apologize. Which is exactly what I think you should do: on the next episode, or the next time she comes on your show -- I've no doubt it won't be long, she seems to be in a semi-regular rotation -- call her on it. Make her apologize for her derogatory and offensive comments. And if she doesn't, make it clear that you don't believe she's capable of what minimal level of civility is required for `Hannity & Colmes', and is an inapporpriate guest.

Dan Hicks

Maybe after I do this a couple hundred times, he'll actually listen, and politely suggest that Ann was slightly out of line, and he would appreciate an apology.

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MosBen said...

No way he'll do that. Afterall, he's a Sensible Liberal.