September 02, 2004

Jesus Christ is Superman, maybe...

Just heard this on the radio, thought I would dig up what I could on it. On Monday, according to comic book writer Mark Millar, Jim Caviezel (from The Passion of the Christ, The Count of Monte Cristo, Frequency) has been officially cast in the Bryan Singer-directed Superman movie.

While this rumor was supposedly debunked by Harry Knolwes on Tuesday, Mark Millar is putting his money where his mouth is, offering $1000 to charity if he Caviezel isn't Superman.

Personally, I think they should just wait until Smallville has had it's television run and cast the Smallville cast into the feature film. But apparently Warner Bros. doesn't like to "cross-pollinate" their franchises. I'm not too worried, though, the newest Superman movie has gone through how many lead actors and directors? I lost count long ago.

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MosBen said...

This particular one does seem likely to happen though. Given the recent successes of comic book movies it was only a matter of time until the Hollywood guys got their shit together and put Supes on the screen again. Also, given the fact that it looks like Singer is dropping the X-Men trilogy to do this tends to make this seem a bit more substantial than previous efforts.