September 08, 2004

No Really, I'm Not A Conspiracy Theorist!

Every time I post one of these sorts of stories I feel a little bad; both because it's not the level of discourse I think we should be having in a presidential run, but also because this is the type of stuff that gets people calling you a crazy lefty crazy person. Crazy crazy. But then I think this is EXACTLY the type of stuff coming out of the Right, so if they're going to play dirty and stupidly we might as well roll in the mud too.

That being said, it seems pretty clear to me that Bush's service was not exactly what you'd call heroic service to your country. I mean look, the Swift Boat guys didn't even serve with John Kerry, but Bush's group of pilots was 30 people and he was rich and knew famous people, yet no one seems to remember him being in Georgia, where the group was stationed. There's one guy in particular who says that when he heard W. was going to be stationed at the base he looked forward to meeting him, and tried to find him, because most of the 30 pilots were married, but this guy and W. weren't. Let's be generous and say 20 of the 30 guys were married, and you're one of the ten remaining. Don't you think you'd remember most of them, especially if they were rich and part of a really powerful and connected family? On top of that a pilot trainer doesn't remember him being there either.

Look, given that the documentation from that era is spotty at best we may never have incontrovertable proof about whether W. was or wasn't there, but we DO have documentation from Kerry's service, which tends to portray him pretty well, and what we know of W.'s service doesn't look too good. I just wish we could all agree that Kerry wins in the "Who served our country better when they were in their 20s" fight and move on.

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