September 06, 2004

Why won't this meme just die?

I'm watching Fox News while writing this week's quiz for my calc class (because I'm a masochist), and some asshole is on here talking about how the Kerry campaign has done a good job pointing out Bush's problems, but haven't explained what exactly they're going to do.

Maybe the problem is that the Kerry-Edwards campaign are only offering their vision for America on their website, in their speeches, and in their commercials. They're not actually breaking into people's apartments to explain the health care plan. Or building a giant laser to engrave the details on the moon.


MosBen said...

The Moon Laser worked for Chairface Chippendale on The Tick, well, until that Galactus guy took a bite out of the Moon.

Noumena said...

Exactly: the conservative talking heads can only understand a leader in the spirit of Chairface Chippendale.