September 14, 2004

A plea from prominent liberals

Nader doesn't even have the support of Noam Chomsky this time around.

If I were a Democrat, here's where I'd throw off a sentence bitching about how awful Nader is, or how Nader voters gave the election to Bush. But I'm an independent democrat and voted for Nader and the Green Party in 2004, and I continue to believe I made the right choice for me, and that Nader voters were not responsible for Bush.

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MosBen said...

I'm still hoping Nader will drop out right before the election. Even so, I've always thought the rancor spent on Nader was better directed at, you know, they guy the Dems are trying to beat. I think the Dems would be much better off going to Nader supporters and saying that while they respect Ralph and think he brings up very important issues, it's just too important for voters on the left to vote Kerry this year.