September 09, 2004

Will The Real Flip Flopper Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up?

My friend Drew was saying yesterday that he couldn't figure out why Kerry let the Bushies get away with the whole Flip Flop flack, and this is exactly what he was talking about. Bush was opposed to a Department of Homeland Security before 9/11. He was still against it after 9/11, then caved to pressure from both Democrats and Republicans and is now claiming it as his own. He was against the idea of an intelligence czar, then he was for it but didn't want the czar to have any budgetary authority (which would cripple the czar's ability to do ANYTHING), and now he's FOR an intelligence czar WITH full budgetary authority. Now, I'd never bash this over Bush's head except that he's made a big part of his campaign over the fact that he's resolute and never changes his position or his mind. But as we can see, as a leader of a nation this big, you HAVE to change your approach when public opinion shifts.

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