September 16, 2004

I've got to agree

with Atrios:
This is just horrible.


Anonymous said...

I agree also. That's so fucking stupid. I wouldn't be surprised if that started happening at other bases. I suppose I should just start expecting my boyfriend being forced to stay in for a long time. War is dumb beyond dumb beyond dumb.

MosBen said...

Granted, I just skimmed it, so forgive me if I missed a crucial part, but maybe it wasn't so much a threat as a reality. Soldiers whose service has just ended can be called back up for need, and many have been already, so perhaps their immediate supperiors said something to the effect that reenlisting was the only way they could avoid being called back up and sent to combat. Either way it's not good, but at least this way it makes their immediate supperior look less like dicks.

MosBen said...

Ok, i just read the thing again and, yeah, their superiors do sound like dicks.