September 08, 2004

Washington Rocks, Yet Again

Another Superior Court Judge in Washinton has overturned the WA version of the Defense Of Marriage Act. I had thought that Washington had already ammended its Constitution with a DOMA, but I guess it was only statutory. Anyway, like in Mass., the WA Constitution provides significant equal rights for its citizens, above those provided for in the federal Constitution and this judge used that as the basis for his judgement. I believe the last case also was decided under the federal Constitution, but I'll leave it to an intrepid reader to fact check me. A chance to comment!

The "traditional family" dude in this case, a former Seahawks football player, said that this would likely lead to an attempt to ammend the state Constitution to define marriage as "one man and one woman" as has happened in other states. I wonder though if this could pass in Washington. Sure, the Eastern side of the state would vote for it, but I'm not sure if they could get the super majority needed for a Constitutional Ammendment. Anyone with more knowledge of Washington polling, or just someone willing to spend a few minutes Googling it, is certainly welcome to post their thoughts in the comments. In fact, everyone should post something in the comments about gay marriage.

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