September 23, 2004

Wow! Journalism!

An actual journalist at an actual newspaper completely debunks the `Kerry flip-flops' meme. Naturally, don't expect conservatives to stop saying this.

Now, I and many other people saw back in the Fall of 2001 that the Bush administration would do everything it could to invade Iraq, and the vote to authorize force, while portrayed by Bush at the time as otherwise, was really a vote to declare war. Why Kerry didn't see that is beyond me. Why Kerry didn't realize the WMD `evidence' was all smoke and mirrors is beyond me. But he can still claim that the Bush administration pulled a fast one, and his approval for the threat of force against Iraq does not express approval for the execution of the war. Which I believe is the point of view of most Americans these days.


MosBen said...

Well he voted for it because to not vote for it would be asking to be called "unamerican" at that time. Also, and probably more fair, is that the American people were mostly supportive of the resolution if I remember correctly. Granted, the American people were wrong, but I think that's Kerry's best argument for this; "I made a mistake. The President said Iraq was dangerous and I and the American people believed him. I was wrong, I shouldn't have believed him, and now that I know what kind of leader Mr. Bush is I wish I could go back now and change my vote."

Noumena said...

I'm too lazy to look up the stats, but the polls were in favor of giving the UN weapons inspectors more time right up until the day the bombs started to fall. Then Jingoismfest 2003 started up and Americans `rallied around the flag'.