January 11, 2006

Hopped up on the C

First chance for Ra points of the new year! 10 points if you can name the reference.

Anyways, I brought a French press:

This remarkable device allows me to consume 32 ounces of high-quality tea within an hour of awaking. Tea averages around 50 mg of caffeine per 7 oz cup, which means I'm getting ~250 mg, about 2 1/2 shots of espresso. And I'm sensitive to caffeine: a medium-size latte tends to make me feel rather light-heated and anxious. My mom has heart palpatations if she drinks too much regular coffee.

This was a fantastic plan. Goodbye sleep, hello anxiety!

Anyways, I'm going to try to get some Republic blogging in later (yeah, right, like I've ever followed through on that kind of promise), and in the meantime here are some links, all in the spirit of Blogging for Choice, if not the name. We have Drew, Bitch Ph.D, Echidne, and Pseudo-Adrienne. Go forth and read, my minions!
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Anonymous said...

the comedian dane cook! he has a bit about being hopped up on the Q, he snorted it bc he thought there was a connection between the 'quik' and 'speed' "i'm all strung out on my big wheel...'no i can't play kickball today...gotta, gotta get my head straight man'" mwaha. bitches.