January 11, 2006

Little Bit More

Evidently at CES lots of PS3 talk took place and the talk is that the thing is going to be between $500-$700 when it comes out. Obviously this is all conjecture, but damn, that's a lot of money. Moreso if the 360 manages a price around the launch and the Revolution launches cheaper than both.

And on a quick note here's a preview of Galactic Civilizations II, which is the sequel to one of the best space conquest games of the last several years.


Unknown said...

Given the huge lead time Xbox 360 has, PS3 already has to come out with a system that is significantly better than the 360 if they want to hold onto their market position. If they're talking about charging those kinds of prices, "significantly better" won't be nearly good enough.

I think this round is over already, and I think Microsoft won. I also think that unless things break really well for Sony, they're going to be the next Sega.

MosBen said...

Well, I can see that as a distinct possibility, but Sony is a multibillion dollar company that has dominated the previous two generations, and are probably going to have some game that people will simply have to play. I think Microsoft certainly has an opportunity to do really well in this generation, but I wouldn't completely count out Sony just yet, especially given how much conjecture is resident in these discussions at this point.