January 31, 2006

More Hardball

Bob Shrum absolutely crushes Pat Buchanan in this segment and Chris Mathews actually asks some good questions. Is he impartial? Not as much as I'd like from a moderator, but he did a lot better than when he insinuated that Ted Kennedy molested Mrs. Alito. Despite a few statements that took sides a bit (referring to Kennedy's "amazing performance" was just a bit over the line for me), mostly this is what I expect when I think of what a show named Hardball should be like. Asking whether or not the Bill of Rights would pass today isn't a partisan question, it's just a tough one and I'm sure glad somebody asked it. Also, big ups to Pat Buchanan for being honest.

"I said "You gotta make it for the fams" / "Damn," he said "I didn't make the ghetto, / The ghetto made the man"

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