January 27, 2006

Internet explorer problems and link dump

Apparently, IE has problems parsing many of my posts, and this problem is tied into the only way we know of to keep the 'But Wait, There's More!' line from showing up when there is not, in fact, more to read. Now, my inclination is to say that no-one should be using IE in the first place -- Firefox is far superior and far safer, and has no problems with the site -- and we should just attach a disclaimer saying the site doesn't work with IE. Two other possibilities involve changing the way 'There's More!' works -- something neither MosBen nor I know how to do right now -- and me going back and fixing however many of my posts by hand. I thought I would ask you, our readers, for your thoughts.

While you're mulling that over, here's some reading.
A powerful NYT editorial. They're about as fond of Alito as I am, and, like me, think the Democrats have a duty to filibuster Alito.
Excerpts from an essay on the connection between lack of opportunity and conservatism among the lower middle class and working poor.
Amanda highlights a story that illustrates just how big a sense of entitlement certain upper middle class white guys develop.


Unknown said...

My suggestion is to not bother going back and "fixing" previous posts, but unless and until you figure out to fix the underlying problem, do what you did for this post and use the "But Wait" thing even when it's not needed.

And I think I speak for mostly everyone when I say that, if I could switch to Firefox, I would.

MosBen said...

Yeah, while I myself find the "But Wait, There's More" link annoying when it's not necessary, I'd rather have it there all the time then bury some posts under the occassional tomes we write as happened before we added it. And really, if people click the link and find that there isn't, in fact, more there, well, I think they can probably get over the shock.