January 25, 2006

You Tube Blog Dump

You all know You Tube, right? That's the site everyone went to for the clip of "Lazy Sunday" from SNL. Well they've made it really easy for me to have a new feature here that's easy to do. See, I'll just comb through some of their stuff and post links to the funniest things I come across.

This time was pretty damned productive. First off we have an SNL clip about Young Chuck Norris. Then we have a remake of "Lazy Sunday" by some little kids. Then I started to notice quite a few Andy Samberg clips and realized that, according to this Letterman interview, he and his friends got hired by SNL after they filmed a bunch of their own stuff and made a website called The Lonely Island. On there you can find various clips and pilots that they made when they were trying to get noticed. The pilot for Awesome Town was pretty good, particularly the first episode of their version of Laguna Beach, "The 'Bu", which features Scrubs' Sarah Chalke.


Unknown said...

I'm not trying to lay blame, but I wonder if the problem with this site w/r/t IE has something to do with Noumena's posts. Right now, I can see all three MosBen posts, and then Noumena's cuts out right after the first link. Before MosBen posted his posts, all I could see was Noumena's post up to the first link.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem Drew does. I'm always able to read MosBen's posts in their entirety, no matter how many he posts in a row. But I can never see more than half of one of Noumena's posts. Strange!

Odain Watson said...

Not sure what you guys are arguing about, Drew and Noumena... Funny to read though