January 26, 2006

Weekend Post

That's right kids, my classes got cancelled today so I'm officially on the weekend already!

First up we've got a study that claims that more than half of Britons don't believe in evolution and 40% believe ID or some alternative should be taught in schools. Now, it's possible this study isn't accurate, but those are some pretty surprising numbers, at least to me.

Next, Nintendo will be releasing a redesigned version of their Nintendo DS. I dunno, the new design doesn't really grab me.

Finally, we've got a /. post about a development company that's thinking about trying to resurect Firefly. Of course, the first reaction of fans is to go crazy with euphoria, but it does seem likely that this is just a fancy internet petition, which almost never go anywhere. Still, though it seems unlikely that we'll ever see the show get new TV episodes, and based on the box office take of the feature film sequels seem unlikely, it is entirely possible that we could get some kind of straight to DVD or OnDemand type release. According to these numbers, it looks like the Serenity DVD and Firefly Boxset are still selling pretty damn well. Finally, here's a Firefly fan in a rediculous Jayne hat. Oh fandom......

"Warm skin / Wolf grin / And where were you?"


Jason said...

Does it really surprise anybody that the guy with the stupid looking Jayne hat is sitting in fron of a pile of multiple-sided dice?

Anonymous said...

Angie Hart, "Blue"