January 11, 2006

Misc. Links

Evidently in addition to making a really crappy movie, Dr. Uwe Boll has a distribution company that mistakenly printed 5,500 extra prints of the movie and shipped them to theaters that had not requested them and had no intention of showing the film. Evidently this little snafu will cost in the neighborhood of $27 million. And the movie made around $1 million on its opening weekend. Yikes!

Evidently Sony "showed" the PS3 at the recent CES trade show. From the looks of what they're showing at this point they will never make a spring release in Japan, which means they won't make the late summer/early fall North America release that was the previous target. It's still possible, I suppose, that they could push the release dates closer together and potentially do an early fall Japan release and a Christmas release in North America, but that could result in serious hardware shortages and probably would mean few games at launch. Still, the longer Sony waits the more time the 360 has to get anticipated games out, build a big install base of customers, and prepare themselves for a price drop to coincide with the PS3's launch. We'll really see how this is going to play out at E3 this year.

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