January 03, 2006

I know, I know

"Where are you, Noumena? We so miss your long-winded feminist screeds and futile, jargon-heavy attempts to wax philosophical!" is what you're all saying. Well, you're all liars. You've been busy making cookies with your mom / getting trashed with your friends / sitting at home plotting revenge against your enemies with your cat. In fact, you've probably enjoyed the time away from me.

Well, too bad. I start three days of travel (don't ask) today, and soon I will be back in Indiana, ready to force you all to read stuff like the following:
  1. Not one, but two posts on The Second Sex and the assholitry of Random House.
  2. A somewhat negative review of King Kong / the jumping up and down some sexist idiots are doing to the gender roles portrayed by a woman and a CGI ape.
  3. Something you should go and read right now. No, seriously, you'll want to read that one (via Echidne).

Prepare yoself, suckas!

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