February 07, 2006

Further evidence

from Amanda, supporting my theory that Hobbesianism is a serious political movement in our society today. There's one interesting piece of data that doesn't quite fit, though:

Brooks’ attempt to gently transistion the weenies-in-golf-pants contigency from imagining themselves as rebels against the feminist cabal and warriors against the Muslim menace to imagining themselves as obedient-yet-manly high school athletes under the direction of the Shrub-as-football-coach intrigues me. Will they fall for this attempt to distract them from the fact that the basic freedoms they’ve purported to support for all these years are under attack? Are they really so dumb as to buy into yet another maudlin masculine stereotype and blindly go along with whatever BushCo asks for fear that doing otherwise would make them less than All Man? Is J*ff G*ldstein really afraid that my cock is bigger than his?

The countercultural Hobbesian? Hmm ...

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