February 22, 2006

Hall Of Handcramping

IGN has a top ten of worst controllers of all time, and it has a couple contentious choices. It's a hard question. Do you go by how well they hold up today or do you by how innovative they were for the time? The NES controller is absolutely horrid now, but was there any better at the time? The N64 controller looks rediculous as I hold my Xbox 360 controller, but they didn't know how quickly the analog stick would supplant the d-pad as the primary directional control, so it made sense when it was designed. I never had a problem with the original Xbox controller, known affectionately to its fans as "the Duke", and I certainly don't think it was the second worst controller of all time. Personally, I've never been a big fan of the PS2 Dual Shock, with its kid sized proportions and cramp inducing symetrical analog sticks.

Edit: Here's a top ten of worst haircuts in video games. Not nearly as contentious, but amusing nonetheless.

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