February 01, 2006

Sheehan's T-Shirt

I'm reading some analysis of last night's State of the Union speech and gathering my thoughts for a post, but in the mean time I wanted to post something about Cindy Sheehan being removed from the speech. Evidently she was invited to the speech by a congress person and wore a t-shirt that said, "2,245 Dead - How Many More??", though she didn't display the shirt until she reached her seat. She was escorted from her seat by Capital police in handcuffs. Evidently there was a guy arrested for wearing an anti-Clinton shirt during the impeachment. In addition to informing you about this, the real reason I want to post this is that there's a poll up at MSNBC asking if people think removing her was an acceptable thing to do.

I'm certain that this poll is going to be flooded by the readers of web sites on both sides of the political spectrum, so why not throw our hat in the ring.

Edit: You can find the poll by following the first link to the Kos article.

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