February 22, 2006

Jack Vettriano

Is he Scotland's answer to Thomas Kinkade and Norman Rockwell, or the successor to Edward Hopper?

Incidentally, I find it amusing that Wikipedia refers to my hometown as a 'city'. For you Northwesterners, that's like calling Sequim a city. For you Midwesterners, that's like calling Warsaw (the one in Indiana, not the one in Poland) a city.

Also, South Bend is the fourth largest city in Indiana. I think this is another reason for me to dislike Indiana intensely.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything at all you like about being in Indiana? or at your school?

just curious.

MosBen said...

Compared to Placerville, Yakima is a bustling metropolis.

Noumena said...

I like some of the people -- not everyone is a crazy, Bush-loving, vagina-hating Christian. It's just that the demographic balance heavily favours the crazy, Bush-loving, vagina-hating Christians. (NB I'm not saying all Christians are the crazy, Bush-loving, vagina-hating sort, here or elsewhere. The sane, peace-loving, vagina-friendly theists are just as awesome as the sane, peace-loving, vagina-friendly atheists.)

Also, the little pockets of nature and family farms tucked between the agribusiness holdings and sprawling commercial strips are nice.