February 01, 2006

A Meta Post

Now that I'm back at the keyboard and posting pretty regularly, I guess it's time to really get the site back to form. As I'm sure you've noticed, I haven't really been doing the Ra Points feature for a couple months, first due to finals and then to do post vacation laziness. Needless to say that February will have a full competition again, so get ready to battle for points and keep in mind the various ways beyond lyrics identification that you can earn points. Also, it seems like a convenient time to be doing this post because the yearly hits slide appears to be over, knock on wood. It seems like every year we get increasing numbers of readers up through September, when they take a gentle slide through the end of the year. January turned it around just a bit, especially thanks to an end of the month push of hits, and ended up around 2,500 hits, which is around 500 more than December. In case you're interested, we peaked in September '05 with around 3,000 hits in that month. The previous September peaked around 600, so that's quite a bit of growth in a year.

Anyway, welcome back to the reinvigorated Ra. Tell your friends.

1 comment:

Noumena said...

I find it interesting that we peak in September, when we're usually pretty half-assed about posting in July and August. It's like people wander in and keep coming back hoping we say something interesting, then realize 90% of the site is about videogames and abortion, and leave.

Either that, or September is just the time of year when I pick fights on conservative blogs.