February 22, 2006

We're Not Worthy, We're Not Worthy!

In high school and college I would occassionally think to myself, "You know what'd be sweet? If I could play the guitar!" I'd learn a few chords; pluck out a tune or two, but inevitably I'd turn on one of my favorite groups and realize that these guys started earlier and worked harder than I'd ever be able to in order to get as good as they are. Realizing that there are many of their songs that I would never be able to play, I'd give up. While I'm not ready to quit blogging just yet, it is awfully demoralizing when somebody like Dave Neiwert writes something that's just too damn good.

Follow the link. He manages to tie together several current stories along with things running just below the surface into one cohesive post that sums up why I'm a Liberal regardless of politics. There are just too many people like Coulter in the mainstream of the conservative movement and far too many others that disagree with the things she says but tollerate her anyway.

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