February 02, 2006

Two Links

First is an interesting piece on the abortion/contraception debate written as an email from Will Saleton to Katha Pollitt. He makes an argument for contraception proponents referring to abortions as "bad" and setting contraception out as a means to reduce them. Not the first time this argument has been stated, but it's interesting. Thoughts?

Now for the second link. There's a halucination scene in Dirty Work where Ken Norton boxes with Gary Coleman. Yes, that Gary Coleman, who dances around the ring for a few seconds taunting Norton until the pro-boxer flattens him with one punch. There's just something funny about somebody that's literally begging for it getting absolutely cremed. Anyway, there's a guy making the argument that the Oscars have become nothing more than a vehicle for Hollywood to push its liberal agenda through artsy indie films as opposed to movies that "regular" folks want to see. John "Kung Fu Monkey" Rogers absolutely evicerates this guy. I mean, he just demolishes him completely and thoroughly in one of the most amusing articles I've read in a good long while.

To top it all off, and I'm going to ruin it for you here, at the end it's revealed that this whole argument is born of the fact that this guy is pissed that Star Wars: Episode 3 didn't get any major Oscar nods. Oh man, it's classic. Go read the whole thing, really.

Thanks to Ezra for both of these links.

"Silence disguised / I watch you / Show me the hurt / That haunts you"


Unknown said...

Oh my God... the second link is fantastic, and that's the guy who wrote Catwoman and The Core!

Noumena said...

Amanda has a fantastic take on this debate:

The pursuit of happiness is called an inalienable right in the Declaration of Indpendence, but when it comes to women, at least, people are really uncomfortable with the concept. I think that’s really the reason that it seems like the best way to convince people not to support abortion bans is to put distance between the right to abortion and the inalienable rights it springs from, particularly the pursuit of happiness. The idea being, I think, that by framing abortion as nothing but a tragedy and a failure is to make it appear that abortion is a sacrifice. And making sacrifices is what women do.