February 27, 2006

She Kicks High

It seems odd to me that so many video game --> movie projects have used fighting games as their basis. Yeah, it's a pretty weak excuse to throw some fighting stunts at the viewer, but the source material rarely has any background story and the characters are almost always shallow stereotypes. It's telling that the fighting game with the most source material, Mortal Kombat, is the best of the bunch, though that doesn't say much.

Is that green hair on Zack's head? Yup.

1 comment:

Jason said...

There better be a storyline about cabbage. Or a drunk who has an uncanny knack for getting into high security, top secret places that he has no right appearing in. Or some girl turning into a mermaid. Or a girl getting felt up on a train. In, other words if his movie is based on the game it better make no fucking sense at all.