August 31, 2004

and now for something different.

Let's get something straight. I do a lot of aimless drifting.

I suppose it couldn't really be considered "drifiting" in the truest sense of the word. It's not like I'm out wandering on dusty roads with a bag slung over my shoulder and my thumb in a 90 degree angle. Fuck that. Instead, I drift in the manner any any good passive-agressive person would: on the internet. Especially when I'm at work.

You see, you need a good distraction when people are complaining/yelling about their internet/phone service. So I happened to be stumbling around the great cosmos of the internet today when I came across a link to a radio show called Brand New Waves. It is primarily an interview-based show where they corner some of indie music's most enigmatic individuals and listen to their story.

Great show and site. I personally have a newfound respect for Boom Bip. I certainly enjoyed his music before, but in his interview he mentioned a few things about his journey that I could relate to.

The website is The interviews I would like to recommend are El-P, Mr. Lif, Boom Bip, and of course, Sage Francis.

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MosBen said...

Is he at all related to the Boom Bap Project in Seattle?