August 27, 2004

Bush: "My Bad"

So Bush-dogg today admitted to making a "miscaluculation" in what post-war Iraq would be like for the US and its troops. Now granted, if I worked for Bush (you should shudder here), this is exactly the move I would do. That clip of him saying he couldn't possibly think of any mistakes he had made while our troops were fucking dying daily made him look like a colossal dick. Of course, you don't want to admit mistakes too early because that just opens you up to attacks earlier than you need to, but his cocky image has been a problem. Now he's admitted a mistake and we're supposed to respond with "Well good. He knows he made mistakes, so he's not a complete bastard."

Ultimately though, and I wish to GOD someone on TV would say this so I didn't end up saying it to myself as I watched/read the endless stream of discourse, the problem is that you don't get to make mistakes this big. It's like if you worked in an office and you consistently asked your secretary for 100 copies when you only needed 70. At you performance review they'd probably tell you to stop doing that, but you probably wouldn't lose your job. If, on the other hand, you told the companies business partners that they can go fuck themselves while while engaging the company in a completely unprofitable product line which invariably sent the company's budget deep deep deep into the red, you'd get your ass fired long before your review.

To me it just doesn't matter if Bush lied or if Cheney actually collaborated with energy companies to set policies which were responsible for the energy crisis of a few years ago. Bush has left us worse off than we were before he took office. He's made colossal mistakes which have cost no small ammount of American lives. He may be a likeable, easy going guy, but he's a BAD president and BAD presidents don't deserve to be re-elected, even if they give good speeches following a national tragedy.

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