August 18, 2004

Let's go for a discussion post

Step 1: Read this woman's abortion account on Salon (you'll probably have to watch an ad, but the essay itself is only two pages).

Step 2: Talk.


Noumena said...

My mom and I once had a conversation about abortion. She's pro-choice but, to paraphrase, she believes the most fulfilling thing a woman can do is be a mother. So I wonder how her and other barely pro-choice women would react to a story like this. Would they agree keeping the child would have only prolonged a failed marriage, making the inevitable breakup worse? Or would their anti-abortion tendencies lead them to condemn this choice?

Your comments need not be responses to this one. They are encouraged, whatever their content.

MosBen said...

Well somebody better be having babies, or when the aliens attack we'll be really short on troops.