August 28, 2004

Here's what I do instead of pack on the day I move

I've been a fan (from a camp point of view, naturally) of Chick tracts for years. They're just so awful, and yet trying to be so serious at the same time. Anyway, this one's one of the best I've ever seen. Not just because it grossly oversimplifies the basic Christian story with a ridiculous analogy -- they all do that -- but because it makes it blatantly self-contradictory -- Jesus was SUPPOSED to be crucified.


MosBen said...

And didn't the bible get way more accepting and easy going post-Jesus and not the other way around?

Noumena said...

No, because god doesn't automatically throw everyone into hell who isn't Jewish after Jesus does his Jesus thing. Then non-Hebrews get their chance, so things are much more tolerant.