August 31, 2004

Dick Cheney & Freedom

This is old news, forgive me, but I just got back on vacation and I wanted to comment. I'm sure Cutbhenist will let it slide.

I don't like Dick Cheney. I envision him as the man behind the screen, setting up secret meetings to dictate energy policy that fattens the bottom line of his cronies, getting up on stage to be President Bush's attack dog, feeding line after misleading and completely inaccurate line to the party faithful about Kerry, Edwards, Clinton, and whoever the hell is in his sights for the day.

But, the man has said it so succintly and accurately when it comes to the issue of gay marriage in America: "freedom means freedom for everyone. ... People ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to."

Even those fierce foes of gay marriage, the Family Research Council, just repeated their mantra about how traditional marriage should be protected, they don't stop to address the line "Freedom Means Freedom For Everyone."

And they never will, because no matter how you feel about gay marriage, when you start using the words "free" and "freedom" and "deny" you will really start to rustle some feathers.

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